About The Students House

About the Student House

If you would like to take part in the running of the Student House, then come and have a chat with the volunteers in the café and get a registration form. The chieftains will get in contact with you as soon as possible. It costs no more than a few hours of work to be a volunteer and in return you will get a large social network, good experiences and you need never be lonely during your time as a student.

The Student House is situated on Gammel Torv 10. You can't get closer to the center of town. Studying in Aalborg begins at Gammel Torv with breakfast and community singing under the guidance of the Student priest and co. It is also here that new life can start to develop.

After pulling up stakes and moving to Aalborg, it can be difficult to find your footing without your old friends, the chess club, your mother's hot food and dad's free newspaper. The province can be just as daunting for people from Copenhagen as the big city can be for the mechanic's daughter from Skodberg. This is when you will need to have people around you.

The Student House is the venue for a series of events in Aalborg, but is also one of the most important social venues in the city. You can come here at any time to meet other students - other new residents of Aalborg, new friends, lovers, find a place to live, read the newspaper.... At wiki.studenterhuset.dk you can also read a lot more about the Student House (in Danish only).

Run by volunteers

The Student House is run by volunteers, who are students on secondary education courses in Aalborg, as well as four members of staff, who take care of the day to day administrative tasks.

As a volunteer, you will meet many different people from various fields of study and you will be able to create a large and stable social network very quickly.

You will not be binding yourself to a fixed shift schedule, you decide when you want to do a shift. The work is its own reward but you will also get a little bonus in the form of tokens that allow you to buy drinks at a reduced price from the bar. We also arrange parties for volunteers, out of house events like horse riding (which now goes under the name of "horsing".....), city walks, voluntary concerts and whatever else we can think of. Although we have chieftains who coordinate the work, nobody has a special status, special privileges or gets paid. We share a common goal: to get the Student House to function. The bar committee The bar committee is the biggest committee at the Student House. The bar committee ensures that the café is staffed from 14:00 until closing time. The Café is the Student House's economic engine and is the setting for events as diverse as big screen football, poetry readings, concerts, backgammon tournaments and a lot more besides. As the coordinator of the bar committee, the bar chieftains are responsible for ensuring that shifts are covered and that things function as they should. It is an exciting job, which requires a little training as a bartender and the desire to increase your role in pulling the strings.

As a bar activist you will help to secure the financial foundation of The Student House and to create a cosy framework for our guests - and for ourselves.

The Music Committee

The Student House was appointed as a regional music venue in September 2001. The multifaceted and difficult work of attracting new and interesting names to Aalborg has been rewarding. Over the years we have had concerts with Marie Frank - before she became famous, Kent - just as they were becoming famous, The The - who were more than famous already, and so on and so forth. All in all, we had around 130 performances in 2002 - from local bands to world stars, from hip-hop to jazz, from metal to classical music.

None of these concerts would have been possible without the music committee. The music committee provides manpower to hold the concerts. People are needed to help to carry equipment in and out, there need to be people in the cloakroom, at the door and occasionally also stage guards.

The booking committee

After a couple of months in the music committee, you can become a part of the booking committee who, in collaboration with our staff booker, ensure that quality is maintained and that prices remain reasonable. The Student House receives CD's and suggestions for new concerts every day. The booking committee meets every Monday at 19:00. The music committee meets every third Monday at 20:00 to distribute shifts, discuss the latest concerts and just hang out with each other.

The lighting committee

If you would like to work more with the production of concerts, then the lighting committee is the place for you. Most Student House concerts are performed using our own lighting system and our own lighting people. You will get thorough training before you are left in charge of an event yourself. If you are not frightened of standing on a ladder, can think creatively and lift lights at the same time, this is where you can really make a contribution.

The activity committee

The planning of activities in the Student House takes place in the activity committee. Here, everything from lectures on a variety of subjects to happenings and activist events are planned. There is always space for crazy ideas in the activity committee.

The committee consists of two previous committees: the café committee and the lecture group. If you have any ideas for events for the café, talks or activist activities, then this committee is for you. There is also a football committee, a documentation committee and a vision committee and at the time of reading this, a few more will probably have been established.

At the Student House, there is always an opportunity to have an influence on the activities, either in the various committees, by contacting the various committees or at House meetings. At House meetings, which are held at regular intervals, all volunteers can present ideas for events, ask questions of the Board, propose new initiatives and comment on the collaboration in the Student House. This is where new committees are established.

The Board

Because the Student House is an Association, there is also a Board of Directors. It consists of five members, who are chosen at the AGM; two employees from the University, who are appointed by the Rector as well as a representative from the Student Society. The tasks of the Board are to ensure that the Student House remains a social gathering place for students and a cultural hub for Aalborg. We are independent of political persuasion, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and ethnic background. We know that it is possible to achieve more with mutual respect and understanding.