16.04.21 Kr. 80 inkl. gebyr Start: 20:30 Døre: 20:00

Studenterhuset er stolte af at præsentere en af Danmarks mest spændende rockgrupper; Yung!

"It’s been 1122 days and 5 rehearsal spaces since we last released new material," say the band.

"As we were struggling to wrap up the writing of 'Progress', Emil had a last minute suggestion before catching a ride home from rehearsals. He instructed the rest of the band, someone started a phone recording, and as we were finishing the last jam of the evening we found Emil blasting an actual guitar solo over the song. He left the second the solo was over - (knowingly or not) making the guitar solo indisputable. As the rest of us listened through the demo we realised the song had been finished."

"Lyrically, 'Progress' deals with personal growth and how the changes of our world influence our perception of reality. Once our views have been challenged, our lifes and routines will all of a sudden take on new meaning. In the case of this song, it’s about the alienation that might come with these realisations, and the hardships of adapting while our immediate surroundings remain intact."