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SUBHIVE is a local electronic bass-music collective, based in Aalborg, Denmark. Best known for hosting various audiovisual events where both music and visuals come together to create a unique experience. Apart from the local bass-raves, SUBHIVE also acts as a label, providing an outlet for local, national and internatiol electronic music producers.

The SUBHIVE events are a series of events that dates back to 2013. The focus has been to combine underground electronic music with stunning stage setups and visuals. The music is a blend of different underground electronic bass genres, and the main goal is to differentiate the sound from current events already hosted in Aalborg. SUBHIVE has their own roster of DJs, but aren’t afraid to scout for local talent that can be brought to the stage. Likewise SUBHIVE is also armed with their own VJ, who has worked with visuals and stage settings for several years. With a relaunch in 2017 SUBHIVE achieved their goal of creating great experiences for electronic music lovers in Aalborg and supporting local talent.

The SUBHIVE events play a broad spectrum of electronic music, ranging from future bass, trap and dubstep, all the way to drum and bass. The idea is to base an evening on a few select genres, that leads to a natural rise in energy during the night. The stage is a very important asset to SUBHIVE as well, and they strive to bring it to life with visual elements, be it projections, lights, smoke or something completely different. The stage should be a new and exciting experience at each event. SUBHIVE regularly experiments with different themes for the events as well, some examples includes Winter, Safari Expedition and Halloween.