Northern Winter Beat 2020

31.01.20 - 02.02.20 Kr. 400 inkl. gebyr Start: 16:00

💬 We are stoked to announce this years Northern Winter Beat festival 2020! — January 30th - February 1st.

Welcome to the 8th edition of the Northern Winter Beat Festival.

Again, we have some great acts lined up for you, all in all 24 concerts at venues in the city center of Aalborg. From the darkest corner of human expression to intelligent pop music, and everything in between.

Tickets are now in sale — and for the early birds there will be 50 tickets at a limited price of 300 DKK - after that ticket prize will be 400 DKK.

We are super pleased to be able to present to you the first 7 acts of this years fantastic lineup:

▪️ Michael Gira (Swans) (US) ▪️ Efterklang ▪️ Analogik ▪️ Teksti-Tv 666 (FI) ▪️ Kogekunst & Friends ▪️ Bob Wayne (US) ▪️ Spurv (N)


🔈 Michael Gira (Swans) (US)

NWB is stoked to present Michael Gira, front-figure in the almighty Swans, exclusively in Scandinavia. After touring relentlessly with Swans, Michael Gira pulled the plug to re-invent the band once again. Swans’ next album ´Leaving Meaning´ is set to be released oct. 25th and features musicians as The Necks, Baby Dee and Anna von Hausswolff to name a few. His concert at NWB will be a chance to experience the songs in their original form as you could hear on the ´What is this? ´ release consisting of acoustic demos of what turned out to be ´Leaving Meaning´.

“Sitting there alone on stage with a dead piece of wood and some wires and just my voice is a challenge I set for myself a number of years ago, trying to fully inhabit the same thread that's run through the music all along, with the simplest of means. I think I've gotten pretty good at it over time. I play the guitar my own way. I've never really learned how to play it conventionally and I don't care to do so. I could just as easily be hitting two rocks together. It provides a context for the voice and words, and just as in the music of Swans, when all the elements (known and unknowable) combine, it can lead to something beyond itself, which is always the place I'd like to go: somewhere else. I hope to see you there."

  • Michael Gira / Swans

🔈 Efterklang

Marking the group’s return seven years after their last studio release – a period of transition, of high adventures and creative questing – Efterklang’s fifth album Altid Sammen is their finest yet. Bold and ambitious, yet engaging on a primal and emotional level, the album is steeped in the experimentation that has been their trademark since their debut album, 2004’s Tripper, but is more elemental than they’ve yet dared to be.

The music of Altid Sammen (the title means “Always Together”) is deep and sonorous. Their trademark tapestry of acoustic and electronic elements, woven together so expertly one hardly notices how each strengthens the other, has never sounded more accomplished. Sounds from the baroque and digital eras strike perfect harmonies together, bound together by Casper Clausen’s warm, weathered and wise vocals.

🔈 Analogik

After many years without any new production sound but a rather large production of children, Analogik has something brewing again. As always, the inspiration has come from around the world and Analogik's new record “Havnens Perle” is a melting pot of different genres. Through times they have been influenced by Balkan, swing, Ethiopian jazz, cowboy music, sailor tunes, indian music, bossanova and almost always with a splash of hiphop. The new record is in many ways a bit quieter than the previous releases, but still with Analogik's unique blend of hiphop, global/roots and electronic productions.

🔈 Teksti-Tv 666 (FI)

Is there such a thing as too many guitarists in a band? Finland’s Teksti-TV 666 think not. Formed three years ago, things have escalated rather quickly for the seven-headed shoegazing kraut-punk monster. Armed with no less than five (at times six) electric guitars, Teksti-TV 666 are nowadays one of the most in-demand live acts in their native Finland, and select performances abroad have caused a bit of a storm, as well. After autumn 2016’s Finnish tour with Kvelertak, the band will set their sights on Europe, beginning with a tour in Norway.

Teksti-TV 666 is a band built on contradictions. It is as if Neu! performed Ramones songs; it is a shoegazing Hellacopters; it is a heavy-but-soft wall of noise, a colorful slow-motion explosion. With over 100 shows played in three years and three EPs behind them, the band’s reputation is rapidly on the rise.

🔈 Kogekunst

The Danish duo Kogekunst plays dronerock, kindergarten hits, dance pop, noisepiss, ballads and everything that comes to their minds. The two musicians approach the music with boyish curiosity, indomitable playfulness and orchestrates a clash of genres, electric slashes and shameless sugar pop. Kogekunst is sonic action painting.

The group made their mark on the national map for new original rock music release “SEXEDE” in August 2018. On both Undertoner and Passive / Aggressive the album was in the top 10 on lists of the best Danish releases of the year, and Gaffas reviewer gave it 5 stars with the headline "Who has pissed on my pop music?" In addition, the band can boast to be Carsten Holm from P6 BEAT's new favorite band, after an amazing concert for New Toner at Bremen Theater in October 2018.

After a succesful festival summer, with Roskilde Festival as one of the highlights, Kogekunst is releasing their sophomore album "LALA" november 23rd.

🔈 Bob Wayne (US)

An outlaw and a country singer with a smart sense of humour and a belly full of beer. The singer-songwriter started out as the guitar tech and support act for Hank III and mixes a mean cocktail of country driven, psychobilly, rockabilly into great songs with sharp lyrics about serious subjects or just simple country life.

The last few years have been nothing, but the usual wild ride for Bob Wayne with numerous shows throughout Europe, North America and Brazil that didn’t just have him play festivals such as Ramblin’ Man Fair, Speedfest, Wacken Open Air, but also saw him supporting The BossHoss on sold out arena shows in Germany.

🔈 Spurv (N )

“Monumental, fierce, beautiful and chantingly suggestive!” The praises were not few after the Oslo band Spurv's magnificent concert at this year’s Øya Festival. With their melodic and heavy post rock, Spurv have since 2011 established itself as one of the cornerstones of the genre in recent times. Artistically and unrestrainedly ambitious, philosophically and melancholic – and with three guitars, bass, drums and trombone the band has proven again and again that they deliver massive, energetic and emotionally intense live show.

Since 2011, the band has released two albums and one EP. The band's latest album, "Myra" (FysiskFormat, 2018), got its triumph run in international music blogs and online media, including 10/10 in and