Listener (US) + Salvia

30.11.19 - Koncerten er afviklet Kr. 50 inkl. gebyr Start: 21:00 Døre: 20:30 Store sal

Studenterhuset Aalborg er glade for at kunne præsentere Listener og Salvia!

Entré: 50 kr.- (+1 : Medbring én gæst gratis ved fremvisning af gyldigt studiekort) Døre: 20.30 Koncertstart: 21.00

OBS. Koncerten foregår i Stargaten på Studenterhusets 1. sal, og derfor er der begrænset antal billetter.


Beginning in 2002 as a solo act the band Listener has evolved over the years into a full fledged rock and roll band, and has toured the world over playing their brand of Talk Music. Based out of Kansas City Missouri with Dan Smith on vocals and bass, Kris Rochelle on drums, and Jon Terrey on guitar. With thought provoking stage banter, music that keeps your mind busy, and words that quickly take hold of your heart, Listener is a near perfect balance of what words and music are supposed to be.


GARAGE GRANDEUR! Roaring vocals, heavy riffs, and booming drums are the few and simple elements that Salvia use to produce a universe where new meets old. Their sound is inspired heavily by the rough sound of 60’s rock n roll and dark country, and revolves around stories of grief, anger, and being the odd one out.. The duo has been working tirelessly on creating their sound, and have played a number of showcases in and out of their home country, Denmark, since their start in 2016. Having recently been in the studio, Salvia aims to release a single in the late summer of 2019 followed by a five track EP. A number of live sessions are also in the making, and with the release of both EP and live sessions the duo is planning on taking over the world. Stay tuned!

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