Lars Lundehave Hansen + Antti Tolvi & Christian Skjødt

27.09.19 - Koncerten er afviklet Kr. 50 inkl. gebyr Start: 21:00 Døre: 20:30

Studenterhuset Aalborg er glade for at kunne præsentere Aalborgs grand old men inden for lydkunst, støj og moderne kompositionsmusik.

Lars Lundehave Hansen (Solo)

Lars Lundehave Hansen has for many years distinguished himself as one of the most visionary Danish sound artists. Not least, he has been a key name on the Danish scene of noise and drone as part of Noisejihad and as part of the duo Wäldchengarten. He has also distinguished himself through a series of solo releases and sound-installations, both in Denmark and internationally. Most recently his grand exhibition The Space Between the Silence in 2017 as well as his 2016 album Terminal Velocity shows his excellent ability to build a sonic space which is both dreamy yet physical.

In May 2018 he went to Japan to perform a string of concerts across the country, focusing on minimal movements, repetition and contemplation. The tour promoted the recent release Irregular Pattern Decay, which was released as an exclusive Japan Tour CD. The CD has since sold out but a video of the title track can be found here: as well as a video for the final track can be found here:


...Irregular Pattern Decay makes a sudden entrance but then quickly becomes hushed and shy, peeking in and out of a layered half-broken wall of drone. Muffled like a motor under a hood, the composer finds a way to contain noise by flaring the edges and rounding the corners.[...] It’s a bright set of impulses, interconnected and abstract, industrial and introspective. There’s this provocative fine line that Hansen pushes ‘round - between balancing white noise and projecting it in an expressive sense of acoustic coloration. TJ Norris Full stream:

In 2018, The Danish Building and Property Agency commissioned 4 permanent, site-specific sound art installations, 2 outdoor and 2 indoors, for Augustenborg Palace in southern Denmark, and it is thus the largest public commission of sound art from a single artist to date in Denmark. The palace has been refurbished to function as offices for the Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark

Full stream:


Antti&Chr (duo)

Antti Tolvi; Gongs Christian Skjødt; Synthesizer

Antti&Chr (FI/DK) is a new project between two of the key figures of the scene in Finland and Denmark experimenting with sound. The project is an attempt to melt together the analogue sounds a self-built synthesizer with the amazingly richness of orchestra gongs, and herein create a situation of slowly developing and highly immersive sonic structures. The duo is currently working on their debut album exploring electro-acoustic doom-drones gongs and self-built synthesizers.

ABOUT ANTTI TOLVI Antti Tolvi was born at the farm in Panelia, small village at west coast of Finland. Antti is self learned composer, performer and sound artist. He has played over 200 shows around world inc. China, Japan and USA. There is 13 solo records under Antti’s name and Antti has been part of over 50 record as composer and/or musician.

ABOUT CHRISTIAN SKJØDT Christian Skjødt is an artist and composer born i Aalborg, Denmark. He now lives and works in Copenhagen. Christian has been showing sound art installations and performing throughout Europa, and furthermore in North America and South Asia. He appears on more than 30 records and has released three solo albums.