IxD After Dark: Interaction Design and Well-Being

25.03.19 Free Start: 19:00

After a long hiatus, IxD After Dark would like to welcome all students, staff and other tech-interested people to the first exciting event of the spring! Starting off with the amazing Eleftherios "Lefti" Papachristos, an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science, presenting the topic of: Interaction Design and Well-Being.

Description: Technology can have significant effects on the well-being of individuals and communities. Recently, researchers are exploring the potential of information technology to actively promote well-being by helping people change their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors to their own benefit. In this talk, specific examples of information technology that has been developed to support well-being will be presented. The focus will be on how we can design technology for factors such as mindfulness, altruism, connectedness, and meaning. In addition, ideas will be presented about how existing technology (e.g. apps, social media, and games) could be redesigned with well-being in mind.