Taste The Doom

19.10.19 Kr. 230 inkl. gebyr Starting: 21:00 Doors: 20:30

Studenterhuset er glade for endnu engang at kunne præsentere Taste The Doom, den perfekte kombination mellem whisky og doom metal.

Taste The Doom “Aalborg #4”

“Somewhere between a wine tasting and a Black Mass” Until I tried them together, neither single-malt whisky nor doom metal made much sense to me. The first seemed overrated — a decent drink but hardly worthy of all the macho lore and rhapsodizing on peat content and cask type. As for doom metal, with its sludgy guitars and demon voices, it was hard to imagine it being enjoyed unironically by actual adults — or really anyone not planning a murder-suicide. But then, when I tried them at the same time, it all made perfect sense. For the past years, I’ve been joining a revolving group of enthusiasts — mostly black-clad 30- and 40-somethings — in the back rooms of various Berlin bars for a ritual that’s somewhere between a wine tasting and a Black Mass.

Started in 2011 by the Danish sound artist Lars Lundehave Hansen, and Peter Votava, an Austrian electronic musician who was part of the cultish early rave duo Ilsa Gold, Taste the Doom pairs seven drams of small-batch and single-malt whiskies with doom metal tracks about 15 minutes long. Both whisky and doom metal also seem fine-tuned for existential pain, something typically best experienced in solitude. Yet somehow this works as a group ritual. By the end of the seventh dram, the whole room always seems downright jovial. Charly Wilder / The New York Times OBS – Der sælges kun 30 billetter til arrangementet. Varighed ca.2 ½ time.