09.04.22 - The concert has been completed Kr. 110 incl. fee Starting: 21:00 Doors: 20:30

We are looking forward to Takykarida in April!

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  • Doors: 20.30
  • Starting: 21.00
  • Entré: 110,00 kr. (incl. fee)
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In recent years Takykadia has made a mark on the Danish music scene with both debut EP from 2018, as well as the singles 'Immortalized' and 'Ritual'. Together has the singer Luna Matz, keyboardist David Nedergaard and drummer Troels Dankert created a spherically seductive universe. Tachycardia combines elements of triphop, alternative R'n'B, jazz, and dream-pop with a twist - your curiosity is constantly piqued and you can immerse yourself completely in the textures of the music. Tachycardia is a bit of a rarity in the Danish live scene. Based on Luna Matz's background as a performance artist, an alluring universe is created, where costumes and stage props naturally merge with the epic pop music - as the distance to the audience is gradually broken down through the aesthetically perfect show, as a Takykardia concert is.

In 2020, Takykardia will release their highly anticipated debut album produced by Anders Boll (Lowly, Ganger, Efterklang m.fl.).