Napalm Over Europe: Double The Death/Double The Doom Tour 2022: Konvent + 1914

10.04.22 - The concert has been completed Support: Livløs + (O) Kr. 195 incl. fee Starting: 20:00 Doors: 19:30

We are very pleased to be able to present the Danish Convention and the Ukrainian 1914, which will go on a shared headliner tour until April 2022: Napalm Over Europe: Double The Death / Double The Doom Tour 2022! 🎵🤘

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  • Doors: 19.30
  • Starting: 20.00
  • Entré: 195,00 kr. (incl. fee)
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Line-up: 1914 Konvent Special guest: Livløs Support: (O) 1914 plays black metal mixed with elements from the heavier sludge and classic death metal. They have existed since 2014 and were created in connection with the 100th anniversary of the First World War. The texts deal with events from the First World War. They are not a political band nor are they trying to glorify war. They see their songs as dissemination and documentation of important historical events, told through song and music - do not miss this unique and powerful storytelling. Danish Konvent has had great success with its version of the music genre doom. A unique growl, sharp riffs, and a solid rhythm group has made Konvent at the very top of Danish doom bands. Their debut album ‘Puritan Masochism’ from 2020 has resonated all over the world and there is no doubt that Konvent is on its way up in the big league in doom and extreme music. So do not deceive yourself for the massive and impressive sound experience it will be when Konvent visits VoxHall this evening. As a special guest, they have invited local Livløs. They have just signed a major international record deal and are now ready to conquer the rest of the world with their bid for death metal, filled with melancholy and great tunes.