18.02.22 - The concert has been completed Support: HOOH Kr. 140 incl. fee Starting: 21:00 Doors: 20:30

We are extremely excited to present the amazing Mekdes in February 2022!

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  • Doors: 20.30
  • Starting: 21.00
  • Entré: TBA
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Denmark’s next soul star is coming to Studenterhuset Aalborg Since Denmark's reopening, Mekdes has once again been busy playing concerts at Plænen in Tivoli, Copenhagen Pride, Hotel Cecil, Tomorrow festival and ‘Tilbage til live’. At the beginning of 2022 Mekdes debut album announces and she has a tour planned around Denmark. Mekdes has proven to be a strong and present performer, and the audience can start to look forward to being enchanted by the singer's superior vocals, honest lyrics, and soulful mix of R’n’B, pop and soul. Greedy As a preview of the album, Mekdes is already releasing the single 'Greedy'. The energetic track is full of soul and empowerment. Mekdes has come a long way in doing things her way, with her neo-soul R'n’B and strong productions. The single ‘Greedy’ will be released on Mermaid Records on October 29th.


HOOH er en skandinavisk super-gruppe bestående af JuWehl (Martin Wehle) og Morten Kolding (shykat). De to hovedpersoner mødte hinanden til en random co-write sommeren 2021, hvor de hurtigt opdagede, at de var som skabt for hinanden! HOOH’s første single ‘Wake Me’ udkom på Mekdes debut album Greedy og er gruppens første udgivelse. HOOH arbejder pt på at færdigøre deres debut EP, mens de nyder tourlivet som support.