LydSyn + Elevatorfører

28.04.23 Genre: Rock 120,- incl. fee Starting: 21:00 Doors: 20:30 Store sal



Look forward to LydSyn and Elevatorfører in April!


In the autumn LYDSYN was ready with their debut album and following tour around the country - but LYDSYN is not done with venues. This spring they'll hit the Danish road for another tour, visiting 10 new venues on the map. The self-titled album garnered great reviews and spent many weeks in the top 10 on the vinyl sales charts.

Selection of reviews:

  • “The debut record is packed with ear candy“ - Gaffa
  • “Uffe Lorenzen brings competent power to the Danish language with their new band“ - Information
  • “The hungry wolf of acid rock has the fuzz pedal all the way down“ - Politiken
  • “Uffe Lorenzen sings fervently about life, love, and the lust of the flesh on the juicy debut album from rock trio Lydsyn" - Ekstra Bladet

Denmark's uncrowned acid rock king, Uffe Lorenzen, leads a good old-fashioned rock trio under the name LYDSYN, which besides himself includes the musician's old friends Palle Demant on bass and Jens Eyde on drums.

The band was formed in the summer of 2020 where they put their heads together. “It's been a very long time since I've rehearsed so much!“ said Uffe Lorenzen of the time where they couldn't play live. The formation eventually made sense in such an extent that LYDSYN began recording their own dirty and classic rock tracks at Flemming Rasmussen's Sweet Silence Studio.

Bandet blev dannet i sommeren 2020, hvor de tre stak hovederne sammen. “Det er meget lang tid siden jeg har øvet så meget!” sagde Uffe Lorenzen om tiden, hvor man ikke kunne spille live. Formationen gav efterhånden mening i en sådan grad, at LYDSYN begyndte at indspille egne beskidte og classic rock-numre hos Flemming Rasmussen i Sweet Silence Studio.

On their first tour in Denmark in the spring of 2021 it was clear that Lorenzen had missed pressing the fuzz pedal after the many solo concerts of the past years. This spring, LYDSYN will hit the road again, with plenty of opportunities to hear songs from their debut album spiced up with songs from Lorenzen's back catalogue and old Spids Nøgenhat songs - all in an energetic raw-swinging old school rock n' roll trio format.


Elevatorfører has grown up! The psychedelic music collective gives birth to a new record where the existential barometer swings all the way out and life is traced from birth to death. ’Før lyset forsvinder’ is the name of the record, and the band will go on tour in 2023 to introduce audiences to the new music.

Elevatorfører balances psychedelic rock between a wild and loose energy, sing-along lyrics and catchy melodies. The music lives its own bubbly life in Elevatorfører, and it is sung in English. Spanning between chanting anthems and desperate cries, the audience is invited into a peculiar atmospheric and acidic universe where there is a room to both laugh and be moved. The band is known for their wild live shows, lively playing and disarming contact with the audience. They maintain a desire to experiment outside the conventional framework that otherwise characterises much of rock music.

’Før lyset forsvinder’ is Elevatorfører's to date most ambitious and full-length album, and it will be a blast to see them do it live!

In 2023 Elevatorfører will play at a number of venues and festivals across the country as part of their album tour.