21.04.22 - The concert has been completed Support: Baby In Vain Kr. 180 incl fee Starting: 20:00 Doors: 19:30

We are very proud to once again be able to present Iceage, which will be visiting Aalborg in April.

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  • Doors: 19.30
  • Starting: 20.00
  • Entré: 180,00 kr. (incl. fee)
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Iceage released their new album, Seek Shelter, on Friday, May 7th, 2021, via Escho and Mexican Summer. The album is the band's fifth full-length release and the first on record label Mexican Summer. Iceage repeatedly pushes the boundaries of how their music can sound, and the latest release is no exception. Elements of blues and gospel as well as the band's latest addition, guitarist Casper Morilla Fernandez, play up experimental productions. For more than a decade Iceage has been evolving. Iceage constantly adds elements to their sonic palette, while retaining the nerve that characterizes the band. They have been through a great musical and personal development from the beginning in the hyperlocal underground of Copenhagen, to scenes all over the world over the years, where the band despite their still young age has played hundreds of concerts every year since their debut. Seek Shelter is recorded in twelve intense days in a previous radio studio in Lisbon. The surroundings facilitated a mixture of new soul and nostalgia, the studio with holes in the ceiling required buckets to prevent raindrops from being caught by the microphones and filled the entire room with garden lamps. This is the longest time Iceage has ever spent recording a record, and this is the first time a producer other than Nis Bysted is assisting as part of the process. Selected quotes about the single “The Holding Hand”:

“a magnificent, trudging ballad, with blurting strings and a peculiar twinkle menacing the back of the mix.” - The Guardian "an ominous transmission from a band who can summon a storm like few others” - Pitchfork "’ The Holding Hand’ unfolds like a highlights reel of the band's strengths and makes one thing abundantly clear: Ten years on from their iconic debut New Brigade, Iceage have lost none of their power or their bite." - Stereogum, #1 Song of the Week