19.11.22 Kr. 130 incl. fee Starting: 21:00 Doors: 20:30

Dance forever with GRETA on the upcoming tour in Denmark.

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  • Dorr: 20.30
  • Starting: 21.00
  • Entré: 130,00 kr. (incl. fee)
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You can look forward to dancing with Denmark's new synth queen, when GRETA invites you inside a sparkling and amber electropop universe on the upcoming tour in Denmark with the new album Forever We’ll Be Dancing. In recent years GRETA has become one of the most well-known upcoming names in Denmark and a darling by reviewers.

GRETA writes magical pop music, carried by nostalgia and inspired by the future, which lets the listener fall head over heels for her prominent 80s synths and electronic grooves, where especially the latest singles like "Wonder", "Nicht Allein" and "Out of Mind” makes one want to go to a club. The hype about GRETA, as a phenomenal live name, has spread like wildfire among both audiences and critics - among others at Soundvenue, which signed with six stars after her concert at Roskilde Festival Summer Days in 2021, and at Spot Festival 2021, where she appeared for a packed hall. With the new album Forever We’ll Be Dancing, which will be released on February 4, GRETA is ready to conquer even more pop hearts and fill the Danish venues on the biggest tour in Denmark so far.