22.04.22 - The concert has been completed Support: Lasselyd Kr. 200 incl. fee Starting: 21:00 Doors: 20:30

We are very excited to present Bogfinkevej in April 2022!

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  • Doors: 20.30
  • Starting: 21.00
  • Entré: 200,00 kr. (incl. fee)
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With their playful rap harmonies, the boys in Bogfinkevej have gradually established themselves as a band, which continues to deliver sharp lyrics, informal coziness, and a good portion of popularity. They play Danish-language sing-a-long-pop combined with unpretentious rap, with a folk touch. Bogfinkevej is an Aarhus-based music group that embraces a very broad genre, their music ranges from the danceable to the more reflective and serious. Bogfinkevej's unique universe of catchy melodies, sweaty beats, and lyrics with depth and edge unfolds to the extent that you are at one of their live concerts, and once again puts a bold line under the three Aarhusians' musical versatility and strength (s). They have already played at both Roskilde Festival, Spot Festival, and Skanderborg Festival, and sold-out venues at Vega in Copenhagen and Voxhall in Aarhus.

When you first enter life on Bogfinkevej, it is extremely difficult not to be enchanted.