ARM concert feat. Maceration, Killing & Crown The Beast

24.03.23 Genre: Rock,Metal 150,- incl. fee Starting: 20:00 Doors: 19:30 Store sal

Get ready for ARM concert feat. Maceration, Killing & Crown The BeastIt's official.


The hiatus for Maceration is over, and the Danish death metal band is releasing their new album "It Never Ends..." on November 25th, 2022 with death metal legend Dan Swanö - Edge Of Sanity, Bloodbath, etc. - on vocals and as a producer. This happens 30 years after the release of their debut and only studio album to date.

The Danish band played a central role in the Danish death metal scene and were among the pioneers of the style in Denmark. Their album "A Serenade Of Agony," from 1992, also featuring Dan Swanö on vocals and members from Invocator, paved the way for a generation of Danish death metal bands to follow.

"We're back with our second album. It's perfect timing here 30 years after the debut album, and of course, it's very important to us that the album once again has Dan Swanö on vocals. It's been an exciting process to record this album and work with Dan again. I think it's actually the first time Dan growls on a whole album since the Edge of Sanity days, so this is very special," says Jakob Schultz, guitarist, ex-Invocator, and one of the original members of Maceration.

Maceration live features singer Jan Bergmann Jepsen on vocals (ex. Cor Vacante).


Killing was formed in 2013 by four old friends. Their common goal was to write aggressive and captivating thrash metal inspired by their own heroes within the genre. Their inspirations came from names such as Exodus, Kreator, Metallica, Testament, and more. After some years in the rehearsal room, the band had found the musical expression that suited Killing, and in 2018, they recorded and released the EP "Toxic Asylum." The release received positive reviews, and subsequently, Killing embarked on a longer tour and played several concerts around Denmark, and also visited both Sweden and Poland.

In 2019, they released the single "Raise Your Anger" and continued to tour the country's stages extensively. Among other things, they played at Copenhagen Metal Fest, Viborg Metal Festival, and Tornvang Open Air. Due to the Corona epidemic, the band could not finish the planned shows in 2020, so instead, Killing went into the studio. With Jacob Bredahl (ex-Hatesphere) behind the knobs, they recorded their debut album at Dead Rat Studio and signed a record deal with the legendary Danish record label Mighty Music, which released Killing's debut album "Face the Madness" on August 13th, 2021.

Crown The Beast

"Crown The Beast is definitely a force in the metal community of Odense, and they show why" - Radon Metal Magazine.

After a tumultuous start with rapid success and several lineup changes, Crown The Beast has found their sound and members. They call it deathgroove, which has evolved from their melodic modern-death beginnings and has moved towards a more old-school core. There has always been a focus on groove and harmonization, which are the cornerstones of their take on death metal.

Crown The Beast consists of frontman Jason Campbell (As We Fight, Destroyerboy) on vocals, Lars Von Løvendal (Grimmthurs, Until Denial) and Søren Rønnebech Grønning on guitars, Jens Moseholm (Annominus, Owl King) on bass, and Christoffer Leth (Terrorpy, Black Tritonus) on drums.

After gaining great momentum in 2019 with shows at both the Tinderbox and Spot festivals, the entire cultural world was thrown off course by the COVID-19 pandemic. Crown The Beast has used their time away from the stage to finish material for their debut album. Expect a blast when the beast is unleashed on the audience and listeners!