AAlborg Art Ensemble & INUANIMA at Lindhom Høje Museum

24.03.23 75,- incl. fee Starting: 20:00 Doors: 19:30



This night's show will be a collaboration between AAlborg Art Ensemble and INUANIMA.

INUANIMA is a Copenhagen based duo making performance concerts. The duo performs with different shows. The Roaring Sea - Siunissamut - Drum n Mask. Their expression ranges between contemporary pop culture and Inuit music, theater and mythology. They mix the sound of drumsinging and throat singing with an electronic, pop/rock/avantgarde/cinematic sound. The duo the group consists of Aviaja Lumholt and Igor Rado.

Aviaja Lumholt is a half greenlandic/half danish singer, pianist, composer, performer, drum singer and mask-dancer. She has a Master from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, and studied the mask dance at the greenlandic theatre, Tuukkaq. She has explored the inuit drumsinging culture and nature philosophy and done music- and maskdancing workshops in several countries i.a. Greenland, Denmark and Alaska. She has sung on albums, film- and theater soundtracks, tv-shows and in the radio, and performed with artists from all over the world. In 1996 she recieved the Roland price. Her own compositions are inspired of both her western and indeginous background.

Igor Rado is born and raised in Denmark, with parents from ex-Yugoslavia. He has a Master in Film Composition from the Danish National Academy Of Music. He is a producer, multi instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, performer and video-maker. He has worked as a film actor in Danish TV series i.a. The Killing 2, and a leading role in the feature film Everything Will Be Fine. In 2016 he created a solo performance - Algorithms On Temper. An hour of performance, music and video as a study in finding the artist in oneself.

Aalborg Art Ensemble is an orchestra that works professionally with experimental music. The orchestra is fluidly constructed, but always led by Erik Lunde Michaelsen, who is also the leading the project. For this concert he will be joined by Saxophonist extraordinaire; Jenny Raunsmed.
Erik Lunde Michaelsen is an improviser, trumpet player and composer based in Northern Jutland. He is working on the fridge of jazz and is doing projects with a wide array of performance artist and graphic artists. He has a Master from The Royal Academy of Music Aalborg, will graduate from the soloist programme in the summer '23. He is the chairman of the concert association 'Meutiviti', and have been working with graphic notation, performance and experimental music during the last decade.

Jenny Raunsmed is a rising star within the free jazz community and has been working with Erik before during Impro Fauna performances, Cort Lunde concerts and is a name to look out for.