Arctic Sounds + Way Up North præsenterer : Ole Kristiansen + Andachan

28.02.20 - Koncerten er afviklet Kr. 95 inkl. gebyr Start: 21:00 Døre: 20:30

Arctic Sounds og Way Up North præsenterer : Ole Kristiansen + Andachan

Entré: 95 inkl. gebyr Døre: 20:30 Koncertstart: 21.00

Ole Kristiansen: Ole Kristiansen is one of the best known Greenlandic musicians and songwriters. Since the release of his debut album (Isimiit Iikkamut) in 1989, Ole Kristiansen has gathered a huge following in both Greenland and the rest of the world. His music has been aired on MTV and his song "Zoo Inuillu" has even become well known amongst the Australian aboriginals. Ole Kristiansen is well known for his fantastic lyrical universe in which a rich use of metaphors and imagery convey the deeper messages of his songs.

ANDACHAN Electronic music artist from Sisimiut, Greenland. Released debut album in 2019, and has since played a number of extremely well received concerts for local and international audiences in Greenland. Andachan also collaborates with several noteworthy contemporary greenlandic singers, rappers and musicians. In Aalborg he will feature some of these collaborating artists.