AFLYST! — Northern Winter Beat 2022

27.01.22 - Koncerten er afviklet - 29.01.22 Kr. 525 inkl. gebyr Start: 17:00


It is with great sadness we must inform you that Northern Winter Beat festival 2022 is cancelled.

Even though the Danish society and cultural life is slowly opening, the new restrictions makes it impossible for us to go through with the festival.

Concerts will only be allowed with a seated, masked audience, and venues must close at 23.00. The logistics in this, unfortunately makes it impossible to re-schedule the program, and to find room for the audience.

We are working hard on rescheduling all the concerts for the 2023 edition. The dates will be January 26-28th It will of course be possible to both get your ticket reimbursed or keep it for next year’s festival.

All ticketholders are informed by e-mail.

See you in 2023 !

We're happy to announce Northern Winter Beat 2022!

Northern Winter Beat Festival is an Indoor venue based festival, taking place in the city center of Aalborg the last weekend of January since 2013. Using existing venues + rooms that are not usually used for concerts we aim to create the best possible experiences. The Northern Winter Beat Festival will bring you a schizophrenic variety of music, from the darkest corners of human expression to intelligent pop, and everything in between. Since the first Northern Winter Beat Festival in 2013 the booking and planning of the festival has been a collaboration between 1000Fryd, Huset and Studenterhuset.

Here you will find the program for Northern Winter Beat 2022.

Detailed times will follow.

  • Ty Segall - Solo Acoustic (US)
  • Peter Broderick (US)
  • Maria W. Horn (SE) + Punkt (NO)
  • Punkt (N)
  • Selvhenter (DK)
  • Cantenac Dagar (F)
  • FRIDAY, 28th of JANUARY
  • Narcosatanicos (DK)
  • Heathe (DK)
  • Ploho (RUS)
  • Clamm (AUS)
  • Alice Boman (SE)
  • Hania Rani (PL)
  • Sonic Boom (UK)
  • Schnellertollermeier (CH)
  • Flying Horseman (BE)
  • Girls In Airports (DK)
  • Ana Fosca (DK)
  • Dummy (US)
  • Swoolish (NL)
  • Ghostpoet (UK)
  • Sean Nicholas Savage (CA)
  • Joe & The Shitboys (FO)
  • Sturle Dagsland (N)
  • Katrine Stockholm (DK)
  • Lael Neale (US)
  • Papir (DK)
  • Prisma (DK)
  • Ashraf Sharif Khan & Viktor Marek: Sufi Dub Brothes (PK/DE)
  • Oranssi Pazuzu (FIN)
  • Slim0 (DK)
  • Swoolish (NL)