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  • Sat 05/11 | PHLAKE

  • Sat 10/09 | LIIMA

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Sat 10/09

H: 21:00 · Price: Kr. 125 + Fee



"A rave in an abandoned airplane hanger, with a choir of robot angels in the loft" - Politiken Liima is a new band consisting of the Finnish percussionist Tatu Rönkkö and three members of Efterklang, Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen og Rasmus Stolberg. Their debut album, "ii" contains songs written in Finland, Berlin, Istanbul and Madeira during a four week long working stay. Each place has had an influence on the sound. At times quite literally in the from of a sampling and field recordings - and each stay ended with a concert, in which the band performed the newly penned songs. For Liima, (Glue translated from Finnish) the spontenaity of writing the songs and performing them live immediately, was a liberating experience. With a starting point of the simple live set up, synthesizers, drum samplers, vocals, effects and bass, it became possible for the four members to maximise the effect of their creative dynamics. The sketches were created through improvisation and worked into songs in a collective, intuitive and immediate process. The same apprach was chosen for the actual recording of the album. In October 2015 the band recorded the album over the course of just three days in the Vox-Ton studio in Berlin in collaboration with the Finnish producer Jonas Verwijnen. Everything was recorded live as a band. No overdubs and no click track. The album was then mixed to tape by Francesco Donadello. Liima will be doing a world tour in 2016 with the songs from "ii" as well as new songs, which will be tested out and honed in front of audiences.

Sat 17/09

H: 21:00 · Price: Kr. 65 + Fee


Slim Cessna's Auto Club (us)

+ support

Thu 22/09

H: 21:00 · Price: Kr. 70 + Fee


Baby In Vain

Support: Electric Elephants

Fri 07/10

H: 21:00 · Price: Kr. 90 + Fee


Baby Woodrose

+ support

Lorenzo Woodrose and his henchmen in Baby Woodrose are on the doorstep with a new album and will be playing a series of concerts in Denmark in October in Aalborg, Aarhus, Copenhagen, Vejle and Odense. Their new album is titled Freedom and will be released on 16 September on Bad Afro Records. Freedom is the 7th Baby Woodrose album and will be released over four years after the previous album, Third Eye Surgery, an exceptionally long break for Baby Woodrose. Freedom introduces the modern slave song.

Fri 14/10

H: 21:00 · Price: Kr. 65 + Fee



Support: SLÆGT

Sat 05/11

H: 21:00 · Price: Kr. 120 + Fee



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