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  • Sat 14/04 | NODE

  • Sat 21/04 | JACOB BELLENS

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Thu 29/03

H: 19:00 · Price: Kr. 128 incl. fees


Fleshgod Apocalypse (Ita)

Aalborg Rock & Metal are proud to present the Italian death machine FLESHGOD APOCOLYPSE. Fleshgood Apocolypse is a death metal band from Rome, who have had major success with mixing metal and symphonic elements. In 2007 the group emerged from the death/thrash metal Tyrranic Ethical Reconstruction and their first EP came out the same year. The first full length hit the streets in 2009 and there have been four more albums, of which the latest, "King" came out in 2016. The band has toured all over the world and have supported metal nobility like Behemoth, Origin, Dying Fetus, Hate Eternal, Suffocation and Napalm Death,which helped to ensure that the Italians developed a large and loyal fanbase.

Fri 13/04

H: 21:00 · Price: Kr. 80 incl. fees


Anubis Gate + E’nemia

Anubis Gate is a Danish prog metal band with seven albums and a box set behind them. Their newest offering is the group's to date darkest offering, "Covered in Black", which was released in September 2017 on the American Nightmare records to great critical acclaim, both at home and abroad. The band is renowned as one of the leading prog metal bands in the world, but still need to establish themselves in Denmark. E'nemia is a metal core band from Aalborg, who have, since 2009 steadily built a loyal fanbase. Through the years they have played at festivals like Way Up North Festival, Dark Metal Festival and Aalborg Metal Festival.

Sat 14/04

H: 21:00 · Price: Kr. 135 incl. fees



Support: FOULI + SunCity

Four singles in the Top 10 on Spotify and over 40 million streams and one sold out concert at Lille Vega earlier this year. NODE has become one of the biggest urban names with relevance and appeal way outside the urban scene. NODE has a different sound to most Danish urban music. His powerful vocals and narratives have a broad appeal, which is manifested clearly on the top of the lists of various streaming service's hitlists where NODE have lain since their debut with singles like ’De Snakker’, ’Al Fuego’, ’Pakker Bar’, ’Blæst’ and their latest, ’Gi Mig Det Hele’ from the end of September 2017.

Wed 18/04

H: 21:00 · Price: Kr. 80 incl. fees


Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts (us)

Support: STØJ SNAK

Acclaimed indie-rock songwriter Jeffrey Lewis began recording homemade cassettes at home in New York City in 1998, before coming to the attention of Rough Trade Records and releasing his first album on Rough Trade in 2001. Now with seven official albums on Rough Trade, Jeffrey Lewis and his various bandmates have toured the world with the likes of with The Vaselines, The Fall, The Mountain Goats, Daniel Johnston and Pulp and developed a devoted following. The current band incarnation of Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts features Mem Pahl on bass and Brent Cole on drums.

Thu 19/04

H: 20:00 · Price: Kr. 110 incl. fees


Hymns From Nineveh (solo)

Unique acoustic solo concert in Budolfi church. Experience singer and songwriter behind the Hymns from Nineveh, Jonah H. Petersen in Budolfi Church. Alone on the stage, he will be trying out new material and playing both known and lesser known songs from Hymns from Nineveh's back catalogue. Jonas H. Petersen, who has a single with love hymns Lyskys, has established himself as one of the most remarkable singers and songwriters in Denmark. His talented, sensitive songs, which often combine the catchy lightness of pop songs with the textual complexity of hymns, which have moved audiences and ciritics since Hymns From Nineveh's debut album came out seven years ago. Four albums, several prizes and radio hits later, Petersen will be going on a solo tour in churches all over the country. Here Petersen, who is known for providing intense concerts with great presence, will be performing acoustic versions of Hymns from Nineveh's songs, as well as trying out new material.

Fri 20/04

H: 21:00 · Price: Kr. 200 incl. fees



Support: BESS

Over the spring and summer, Bisse had the full attention of many critics and concertgoers during his marathon "Tour de Smackdown", which finished at Rakett Natt festival in the Northern Norwegian town of Tromsø. In addition to a series of venues in Denmark, Bisse and his band have also passed through a sold-out Store Vega as well as festivals like Northside, Musik i Lejet and Smukfest. Soundvenue awarded 6/6 stars to the concert in May. With the same enthusiasm, Berlingske Tidende hailed the concert at Northside with the words "King Bisse of Northside" and at the Gaffa Awards the singer distinguished himself with an intense live performance, which was on everyone's lips of most people afterwards.

Sat 21/04

H: 21:00 · Price: Kr. 200 incl. fees


Jacob Bellens


Jacob Bellens will be releasing his fourth solo album in March 2018 and following this with a tour around Denmark, where he will visit eight selected cities. Here audiences can look forward to concerts which, according to Bellens, will be more uptempo than previously. "The style will be more electronic and there will be more focus on bass and drums and probably four guys in addition to me on drums/pads, synth, el and synthbass as well as guitar. We will be hitting the practice rooms at the end of October and the plan is to change the style to that it makes sense in a live context."

Fri 27/04

H: 21:00 · Price: Kr. 165 incl. fees


The Van


The Blue Van are taking a break from Formula 1. Peeling off the paint and doing burnouts behind Kvickly Extra. That is how the band describes its new side project The Van. A variant of the original band that offers space for spontaneous music and spontaneous recordings where the band returns to its garage rock roots. The Van recently released ‘P.O.P.’ – a psych-y rock song with enough hard rock guitars, hammond keys, tambourines and polyphonic singing to get you through the night.

Sat 28/04

H: 21:00 · Price: Kr. 135 incl. fees


Uffe Lorentzen

UFFE LORENZEN is known as the charismatic lead singer and frontman of Spids Nøgenhat and Baby Woodrose. He has been on the Danish rock scene since the end of the 80s and had his breakthrough with Baby Woodrose in 2003, when they were one of the first bands to win the P3 Prize and have since played for two years in a row at the Orange Stage at Roskilde. This was later followed by an even bigger breakthrough with Spids Nøgenhat, which almost became a national treasure with their single Lolland Falster and the album Kommer Med Fred which garnered two DMA prizes and two Steppeulve. Uffe Lorenzen has played many solo concerts over the years, but now he will be going on his first major tour with his 12-stringed guitar. The material will consist of new songs from his first solo album, Galmandsværk, Spids Nøgenhat classics and selected covers of personal favourites from the 60s and 70s. "A magical acid bath of emotions" was the headline in Politiken's 6-star review of Uffe Lorenzen's solo concert at Roskilde festival in 2017.

Thu 24/05

H: 21:00 · Price: Kr. 90 incl. fees


Tomaga (uk)

+ support

Multi-instrumentalist Tom Relleen and drummer Valentina Magaletti (Raime, UUUU, Vanishing Twin) comrpise one of the most hyped bands in experimental circles at the moment. Their percussion-driven music draws on everything from industrial, psychedelia and Steve Reich's minimalism to jazz and techno. It is characterized first and foremost by an unbridled curiosity and an equally tight and driving as well as open and investigative live show. Tomaga breaks repetivie patterns and foreboding synths with dubbed effects and improvised rhythms to a kind of psychotropic dance music, constantly stretched between abstraction and structure. A phenomenal band, which should be experienced live. Or as the BBC wrote; "the best band in the UK right now." The concert is a part of an exclusive four-day tour organised by Alice, Tape, Studenterhuset Aalborg/Danish Vaishias and Teater Momentum.

Thu 20/09

H: 20:00 · Price: Kr. 108 incl. fees


Peter Sommer & Palle Hjorth

BEMÆRK: I Budolfi Kirke

Thu 27/09

H: 21:00 · Price: Kr. 110 incl. fees



More information soon.

Sat 20/10

H: 21:00 · Price: Kr. 135 incl. fees


Iris Gold

Iris Gold invites you into her world of "hippie hop" - a colourful and infectious fusion of retro hiphop, soul and power pop, with a generous dose of flower power. After sharing the stage with some of the greatest artists in the world, as well as working with some of the most influential producers, Iris has proved that she is now ready to conquer the world. Live, Iris Gold is a huge infusion of energy, which can best be described as Janelle Monae meets Erykah Badu. She is looking forward to going on her first tour of Denmark, and says "I will be coming with my sexy band and together we will hold a huge party, in the best block-party style." With West Coast melodies as her background, Iris Gold has continued to expand her musical horizon after falling in love with classic hip hop acts like Pete Rock, Beastie Boys and De La Soul. And she has managed to fuse all these influences into her own music, a mixture, which according to the British newspaper The Guardian can best be described as “Deliciously summery and laid-back at a time when most pop seems to want to make you have a heart attack”. In November the single, "All I Really Know" was released and there is much more music on the way from Iris Gold.